Beresfield Local Centre

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Beresfield local centre is one of the first centres to be renewed in 2018 as part of Newcastle City Council’s local and neighbourhood centres program.

A public domain plan was developed for Beresfield local centre, which involved community consultation to identify issues and possible solutions. The plan also considered ongoing traffic issues within the centre.

Project scope

This renewal project includes:

  • A 40km/h zone and associated traffic calming devices to reduce speed and increase safety
  • Road and pedestrian lighting upgrade, including lighting to the railway station
  • Drainage renewal and rain garden which will improve the quality of water run-off that enters Hexham Wetlands
  • New site appropriate street trees
  • New street furniture, including seats, bike racks and bins
  • New kerb, gutter and footpath
  • Renewed road pavement
  • Retention of on street parking
  • Free WiFi.

Project status

Construction commenced in March 2018 and will be carried out in stages. It is anticipated the project will now be completed by the end of August 2019, weather permitting.

Our project and civil works team will work closely with businesses and residents to minimise disruptions during construction.


Watch our 3D fly-through video showing what the refurbished local centre will look like once complete.

Project update
We held a community placewarming event on the corner of Beresford and Lawson avenues on 6 April 2019. We spoke to over 100 locals and received lots of feedback about what they would like to see in the space and how they would use it. Contributed ideas included edible community gardens, seedbanks, community library, shade, and adding creative aspects to make the space feel unique to Beresfield.
Upcoming work
Work will continue on Beresford Avenue over the coming weeks, including construction of the community space on the corner of Lawson Avenue.