Innovation Ecosystem Development Project

1. Business Details
2. Business Contact Details
(if relevant)
3. Business Overview
Please provide a brief description of your business including its capabilities
Please upload your business or organisation chart (pdf, word, jpg only)
Please select the Hunter Council Local Government Area(s) (LGA) in which you have business premises.

You can select more than one.
3.3 - Business premises:

Please list any other LGAs in which you have business premises if not listed in 3.3
3.5 - Business Size:

(Number of full-time, permanent employees)
3.6 - Do you have employees in the following categories?:

3.7 - Do you offer any of the following placements?:

3.8 - Do you intend to take on new staff in the next 12 months?:

4. Business Operations
The following industries are operational in the Hunter region. Please select the industry(s) your business operates in.

You can select more than one.
4.1 - Industry(s) your business operates in:

Please list any other industry(s) your business operates in if not listed in 4.1
Many businesses work with mulitple sectors and industries in the provision of services and products. We  are seeking to understand relationships between industries.

Please select the industry(s) your business has worked with or produced/manufactured products for in the last 2 years.

You can selelct more than one.
4.3 Industry(s) your business has worked with:

Please list any other industries your business has worked with if they are not listed in 4.3
5. Business Innovation Areas
Innovation growth sectors merge traditional technologies and skills with new technologies and ways of thinking. These sectors are central to developing a smart and innovative economy.

Please identify if your business operates in any of these new innovation growth sectors.

You can select more than one.
5.1- Innovation growth sectors in which your business operates:

Please list any other innovation growth sectors that your business has worked with in the last 12 months if they are not listed in 5.1
5.3 - What drives your business to embrace new ideas?:

Please provide a brief outline of what drives your business to embrace new ideas if not listed in 5.3
Please provide a brief outline
5.6 - Are you transitioning your business and its capabilities towards an innovation growth sector?:

Please provide a brief outline
6. Innovation Ecosystem
An Innovation Ecosystem constitutes the large and diverse array of businesses and resources that contribute to, and are necessary for, ongoing innovation in a modern economy.

Please identify your businesses function(s) in the Innovation Ecosystem.

You can select more than one.
6.1 - Role in Innovation Ecosystem:

Please provide any other business function(s) your business has in the Innovation Ecosystem if not represented in 6.1
7.  Business Services & Capabilities
Please select the services and capabilities that your business provides from the following list.
You can select more than one.
7.1.1 - Innovation Services:

7.1.2 - Financial Services:

7.1.3 - Business Services:

7.1.4 - ICT Services and Digital Services:

7.1.5 - Energy & Resource Management Products & Services:

7.1.6 - Manufacturing Services:

7.1.7 - Creative Services:

7.1.8 - Training Services:

Please list any business service(s) and capabilities that your business offers if not represented in the previous question
Please list any equipment, plant, space or other resources that you have available to rent, hire out or otherwise make available to another business or person, i.e. What you have. (E.g. 3-D printer, meeting room).
8. Use of Business Information
The Innovation Ecosystem Development Project is being developed with the support of a Project Steering committee comprising representatives from the following organisations:
  • Newcastle City Council
  • Australian Industry Group
  • Eighteen04
  • Hunter Business Centre
  • Ideation at Work
  • Lunaticks Society
  • National Engineering Research Design Centre
  • Newcastle NOW
  • Hunter DiGiT
8.1 - I agree that the information provided by me can be used only for the purposes of the digital Innovation Ecosystem Development project:

8.2 - I agree that my information may be shared with members of the Project Steering Group as part of the project development:

8.3 - I acknowledge that I will be provided with the opportunity to approve the use of my business data being made public when the Innovation Ecosystem Development Tool goes 'live':

9. Ongoing Participation
9.1 - I am willing to have my business involvement in the Innovation Ecosystem Development Project used in publicity:

9.2 - I would like to receive updates about the Newcastle Smart City initiative via email:

Please feel free to include comments such as additional information about your business and its capabilities, areas of innovation that you would like to explore or feedback about this questionnaire.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire