Newcastle Smart City Strategy

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Council is in the process of developing its first smart city strategy.  The Newcastle Smart City Strategy will be a collaborative strategic planning document that will guide Council and a wide range of stakeholders and partners towards a smart and innovative future.

We are working with all three levels of government, the community, educational and research providers and business and industry sectors in the development of this initiative to ensure that the Newcastle Smart City Strategy is a shared vision.

Our aim is to develop a roadmap for creating a smarter and more innovative Newcastle and Hunter region and to maximise opportunities as they are presented in sectors including technology, advanced manufacturing, the digital economy and creative industries. 

The strategy will leverage the smart city movement to improve liveability, sustainability and economic diversity, develop local innovation, build international profile and attract talent and inward investment to our city. 


 The Newcastle Smart City Strategy has several objectives, which are fundamental to its success:

  • To identify collective vision and principles to guide Newcastle as a smart and innovative city

  • To identify strategic themes and actions for enabling Newcastle as a smart and innovative city

  • To review, collate and integrate existing work from a variety of sources that is relevant to Newcastle and the Hunter Region as a smart innovative city

  • To engage with key partners, stakeholders and the general community

  • To identify relationships with existing and upcoming revitalisation and renewal projects.

Project timelines

The Newcastle Smart City Strategy is being developed in two stages:
Stage 1 - involves extensive consultation with key stakeholders, and is currently underway.
Stage 2 - will include consultation on the draft strategy.  The community will be invited to provide their input during Stage 2.  The feedback will be used to refine the strategy's vision, objectives and actions.