Carrington Local Centre

Project Scope Young Street Carrington Reconstruction Project

A Public Domain Plan was prepared for Young Street Carrington to resolve streetscape, drainage, access and traffic issues and inform infrastructure renewal in the Carrington Local Centre.  The Project involves:

  • Tree replanting in raised planter beds
  • Upgrade of footpaths
  • New drainage 
  • Road resurfacing
  • Kerb and gutter

Who undertook the Public Domain Plan?

Newcastle City Council's Infrastructure Planning Team undertook the Public Domain Plan for Young Street Carrington in consultation with the community.  Council's Project Management Team are now overseeing the construction phase.


Council approved the final plan for the Young Street Carrington reconstruction project on 25 October 2016.

Construction will be staged as follows:

Stage 1 - August 2017
Involves the removal of 14 street trees. Trees will be replaced in Stage 3 with Brushbox and Tuckeroo species (selected at the community workshop held in February 2016). 
Stage 2 - from January 2018
Involves upgrading the school crossing at the Carrington Public School on Young Street.
Stage 3 - from early 2018 
Infrastructure renewal works include new drainage, road surface, footpaths, kerb and gutter, and planting street trees.


 Approved final plan - Young Street Carrington (pdf)
 Final parking plan - Young Street Carrington (pdf)
 Council report and minutes - Young Street Carrington (pdf)