Carrington Local Centre

Young Street Carrington Reconstruction Project

Project Scope

To resolve streetscape, access and traffic issues and inform infrastructure renewal in the Carrington Local Centre.

Who undertook the Public Domain Plans?

Newcastle City Council Infrastructure Planning undertook the Public Domain Plans.


Council approved the final plan for the Young Street Carrington reconstruction project on 25 October 2016.

Stage 1 of the works are due to commence late 2017/early 2018, pending detailed design finalisation and funding approval.
There is also a small proposed amendment to the adopted plan.  Grassed verges are now being proposed instead of concrete between Victoria Street and Forbes Street.  The proposed grassed verge will be a visual improvement, assist in infiltration and be more cost effective for Council.  Persons directly affected by this will be consulted regarding the proposed changes.


 Approved final plan - Young Street Carrington (pdf)
 Final parking plan - Young Street Carrington (pdf)
 Council report and minutes - Young Street Carrington (pdf)