This month

Monday 14 May - Henny Penny Hatching
Children will get to watch eggs hatching in a specially designed incubator, and then observe the hatched chicks at play in a large, clear sided brooding pen over the space of two weeks. Find out more  information


Monday 4 June - Bob Turner Wildlife
This show offers an educational and entertaining experience with hands on, close up contact with a variety of reptiles.

Monday 11 June - Queens Birthday Public Holiday - Centre Closed (no fees payable)


Thursday 26 July - My Pet Dinosaurs
This interactive show provides interesting facts about dinosaurs along with fun activities for the children to participate in.
Find out more  information


Monday 13 August - Sam Derchie with Ananse Stories
Using the tradition of the talking drum and other percussive instruments, Sam explores the exploits of 'Ananse', the folkloric spider character of the Ashanti forests of Ghana.


Monday 10 September - Photo Week
Barry Parmenter Photography will be taking class and individual photos Monday-Friday. Photo envelopes will be handed out to each child closer to photo week.


Monday 1 October - Labour Day Public Holiday - Centre closed (no fees payable)

Wednesday 17 October - Things that Creep and Crawl
This display offers the opportunity to see and maybe even touch some amazing creatures from the insect and arachnid world.
Find out more  information


Thursday 15 November - Bamboo Theatre with Finding Frank
Frank the flamingo has a big problem. He does not like the colour pink! Desperate to fit in with his less colourful friends, Frank tries anything to change his feathers.
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