Beresfield Placewarming 2019

As part of the Beresfield Local Centre Public Domain Renewal Project, City of Newcastle (CN) is creating a new public open space at the intersection of Beresford Avenue and Lawson Avenue. This corner space has the potential to be a prominent and special place for locals to meet and spend time. 

A placemaking co-design process was  identified as the best way to create a space that the community will value into the future. Placemaking focuses on taking a public space and creates a living space for the community, it includes thoughtful and inclusive designs with input from the community. CN undertook a placewarming activity, inviting the community, and individuals who will be working, living and / or recreating – into the space to experience, then generate and test ideas to imagine how this space could be activated and used into the future i.e. “warming the place”.

Before and during the event there were a few engagement activities used to gain feedback from attendees and locals in the area that could not attend on the day. 

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Supporting documents

Local placemaking duo were brought in to gain feedback from young people in the area. They worked with schools and other institutions to gain insight and develop an artwork that represents the feedback captured. 

Here is their presentation displaying some of the process and results.

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