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Volunteering at Newcastle City Council

Millions of Australians volunteer in their communities each year and for many different reasons. No matter what the reason is, volunteering can be highly rewarding, fun and suitable for all ages and backgrounds.

Newcastle City Council has an established volunteers program open to anyone interested in contributing to council’s initiatives and activities.

Volunteering can provide you with valuable work experience, a chance to contribute to community life, the opportunity to meet new people and allow you to learn new skills.

Council has a host of interesting volunteer roles available including museum tour guides, reading buddies, assisting at festivals and events and much more. 

How to become a Volunteer

Think about what's involved

Before you apply for a volunteer position we ask that you consider the following questions:

  • What is your motivation for volunteering how will it benefit you/others?
  • Do you have the time and commitment to give to volunteering?
  • Are you prepared to undertake on the job training necessary for the role and take direction from Newcastle City Council employees?
  • Are you prepared to undergo a Working with Children check as a requirement in some of the roles? For more information around Working with Children checks please visit The Office of the Children's Guardian 
  • Are you prepared to undergo a police check if required?

Volunteering FAQ's

Is there a chance that I might gain paid work in the organisation if I volunteer first?
We are unable to guarantee that volunteering with Council will result in paid employment.  

Can I get a reference?
The volunteer supervisor can provide you with a statement of service which details your roles and responsibilities and hours as a volunteer, however it is not Council’s policy to give written references. Your volunteer coordinator is able to give a verbal reference over the phone.

Am I guaranteed a volunteer job if I apply?
No, in order for the experience to be a positive one for both yourself and the organisation it is important that we match your skills, knowledge and motivation against the requirements of the volunteer position which may not always be possible/available.

Can I be guaranteed the number of hours I need to meet Centrelink / Work for the Dole requirements?
No, unfortunately due to the types of volunteer roles available we are not able to guarantee the amount of hours that may be required by Centrelink.

Do you pay out of pocket expenses?
Yes, the Council pays selected out of pocket expenses which are incurred whilst performing volunteer duties. Please check with your volunteer coordinator before incurring the cost.   

Do I have to have a Working with Children Check?
Yes, for certain positions it’s required by legislation that volunteers have to undertake a Working with Children Check. There is no cost to volunteers for the Working with Children Check.  

Am I covered by Insurance?
Yes, Newcastle City Council volunteers are covered by Council's Personal Accident Insurance whilst undertaking volunteer duties. 

Is there someone supporting me as I volunteer?
All Newcastle City Council volunteers are allocated a supervisor in the area they are undertaking work who will provide on the job training, sound guidance and direction to make it easy and enjoyable to carry out their volunteering work. 

I'm under 18 years old - can I still volunteer?
Volunteer positions are only available for people aged over 16 years. Volunteers aged between 16-18 years old will require signed permission from a parent before starting their volunteer position.

For more information contact the Volunteer Coordinator on 02 4974 6036 and email volunteers@ncc.nsw.gov.au

Volunteer Opportunities

Council has a host of interesting volunteer roles available including museum tour guides, reading buddies, assisting at festivals and events and much more.