Mowers and brushcutters

Traditionally the City of Newcastle (CN) rely on the goodwill of residents to maintain to a reasonable condition, grassed footpaths and verge/nature strips adjoining their property (a verge or nature strip is the section between the property boundary and the road and the footpath and the road).  This means ratepayer funds and resources can be better directed to other services. 
We have general maintenance crews engaged to mow on a cyclic basis:
  • Adjacent to public roads (NOT fronting private properties/nature strips)
  • Grassed medians on local and classified main roads
  • Grass in vehicular access lanes servicing properties
  • Grass in walkways linking public roads to other public roads, recreation parks, playgrounds and sporting fields.
Unforeseen accidents, where a stone or hard object is thrown up from a CN mower or brush cutter, can happen unexpectedly.  Before we are obliged to pay compensation for injury or damage suffered, it must be established that this injury or damage was a result of our negligence.

If your property has been accidentally damaged by our mowing asset, and should you wish to make a claim against us, please complete and submit a Claim for Compensation form please include all requested documentation and photographs to support your claim.
If you are unsure about whether to claim for your loss or damage we recommend that you seek independent professional legal advice.