GIPA-Internal Review of Access Application (only for Formal request)

Complete this form to apply for an internal review of a formal decision made under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW)

You must lodge this form with us within 20 working days after notice of the decision was given to you.

If you need help to complete this form, please contact Council's Legal and Information Officer on (02) 4974 2435. 

Protecting your privacy

Council is committed to protecting your privacy and takes reasonable steps to comply with all relevant legislation. The information is collected by Council for the purpose of processing your application. Your personal information will be stored in accordance with relevant legislation and will only be accessed by authorised Council Staff.  If you do not provide information, Council may not be able to process your application. Your information can be checked for accuracy by contacting Council’s Legal and Information Officer on (02) 4974 2435.

Lodge your form in person at:
City Of Newcastle
City Administration Centre
282 King Street, Newcastle

or by mail to
City Of Newcastle
PO BOX 489
Newcastle  NSW  2300