Illuminating Science showcases scholars

13 Nov 2015

Newcastle Region Library and the University of Newcastle will launch a partnership exhibition, Illuminating Science on Friday 13 November 2015 in the Lovett Gallery.
The exhibition showcases a selection of artworks produced by eleven artists who are current staff and postgraduate students of the Natural History Illustration degree.
The exhibition draws on collaborations between illustrators and their specialist areas of research including archaeology, medicine, botany, anatomy, herpetology, veterinary science, ornithology, mycology and environmental science. 
Dr Daniel P Atkins features some compelling illustrations of grey nurse sharks in a pictorial record of his experience with these critically endangered animals at hot spots along the NSW coast.
His passion for protecting our fragile marine environment is reflected in his highly detailed artworks which were inspired by a snorkelling encounter with a Grey Nurse during an underwater study of Broughton Island.
"At a time when we are bombarded with negative images of sharks, Daniel’s artworks are a poignant reminder of their graceful beauty and vulnerability."
Featured in the exhibition is a retrospective of the work of Margaret Senior OAM, who established the Margaret Senior Award  to encourage Newcastle University students to illustrate Australian wildlife.
One of her early award winning books The Australia Book was one of the first children's books to feature Australian flora and fauna. The book was collaboration with Eve Pownall who established the CBCA Eve Pownall Award for non-fiction.
She became a champion for the environment and her interest in and passion for Australia’s diverse habitats and flora and fauna saw her illustrate numerous books and works for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.
Exhibition artists will share their experiences and research with the community in a series of free 'Meet the Artists' talks from November 2015 and January 2016. 
Date Time Event Description
18/11/2015 2 to 5pm Botanical illustration demonstration
Multi-award winning botanical illustrator and PhD candidate Deidre Bean will demonstrate her techniques and reveal the secrets behind her stunning artworks. 
25/11/2015 10-2pm Artist-in-residence Dr Andrew Howells specialises in zoological research and uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create informative scientific illustrations.  Watch Andrew as he works as the gallery’s artist-in-residence.
25/11/2015 2-3pm Archaeological illustration discussion Dr. Bernadette Drabsch will discuss her adventures working as an archaeological illustrator and share her research in the field of preliterate art.
2/12/2015 9.30am-12noon Bird drawing demonstration Highly acclaimed artist Dr Trevor Weekes will demonstrate how he captures the most fleeting of animals: birds. Trevor will show you how to create realistic and character-filled illustrations.
2/12/2015 2-3pm Medical Illustration discussion Honours student Lee Dedman has been collaborating with HMRI and will share her experiences of working in the highly specialised field of medical illustration.
16/12/2015 2-3pm Identifying fungus discussion PhD candidate Maree Elliott will share her knowledge of identifying, recording and illustrating these enigmatic organisms.
13/1/2016 2-4pm Drawing birds and fish in motion - demonstration Dr Daniel Atkins will share his research into the motion of birds and fish and demonstrate how best to depict it.
13/1/2016 10-3pm Artist in residence Dr Prue Sailer will demonstrate her fine artistic talents as she draws and paints plants and animals in the Lovett Gallery for the day.  Come. Watch. Learn.
19/1/2016 2-4pm Coastal landscape drawing demonstration PhD candidate Lambert Davis combines science, illustration and exploration and will show you how he draws quickly yet accurately in the field.
20/1/2016 2-3pm Identifying snakes and wildlife rescue interactive demonstration PhD candidate Teresa Purnell will teach you how to identify local snakes and talk about her experiences as a wildlife rescuer.
27/1/2016 10-3pm Artist in residence PhD candidate Riona Tindal will demonstrate how to illustrate frogs using watercolours and technical pens whilst working as artist in residence.