No camping in parks and reserves

28 Dec 2015

Newcastle City Council will again be keeping an eye on illegal camping in parks and reserves during the summer holidays.
Council's spokesperson says Newcastle's public parks and reserves, especially those along the harbour and coast, are for everyone to enjoy and are not camping grounds.
"Parks and reserves are not for driving on, parking on or pitching a tent. With recent rain in the Newcastle area there is an increased risk of damage to parks and reserves as well as other infrastructure.
"Our parks and reserves are not equipped to accommodate campers, there are limited toilet facilities and the last thing we want is for people from our local community and visitors to our fabulous city to be confronted by people relieving themselves behind a tree."
"We have signposted a lot of our public parks and reserves along the harbour and coast so people can easily identify what is and isn't allowed."
Vehicles and camping in public parks and reserves is not permitted and can attract a fine of $110. Rangers will be asking illegal campers to move on and if they refuse they will be issued with a penalty notice.