Tyrannosaurs - Meet the Family

27 Oct 2015

At five metres high and 11 metres long, Scotty T.Rex is the largest in the family of big-toothed, sharp-clawed dinosaurs on display in the blockbuster Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family, an exhibition opening at Newcastle Museum on Saturday 31 October.

Featuring life-sized skeletons from the Tyrannosaurs family and a range of fascinating fossil specimens, the exhibition developed and co-presented by the Australian Museum shows how these terrifying dinosaurs became the world's top predators.

Newcastle Museum Manager Julie Baird says the exhibition is one of the biggest ever hosted at Newcastle Museum and an amazing opportunity for locals and visitors to the city to experience the size, sound and sheer spectacle of these fierce carnivores all in one place.

"Over the past decade scientists have learned so much more about the Tyrannosaurs family. While the most famous family member is clearly the mighty T.rex, others came in all shapes and sizes. One of them - the Dilong or tiny 'emperor dragon' - had a skeleton of just one metre long!

"Visitors will be immersed into a different world when they enter the exhibition. There are things to touch, see and interact with, including amazing projections of dinosaurs that place you right in the prehistoric world of the Tyrannosaurs family."

Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family opens with a roar on Saturday 31 October with a visit by a giant T.rex puppet as well as face painting and craft activities.

Throughout the exhibition there are a range of dinosaur themed programs, including a special Dino Disco, dino-mite NYE event and Move it Like a Mini-osaur dance classes. Details of all events is available on the Newcastle Museum website.

 Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family runs from 31 October - 28 February 2016. Entry fees apply.