What is Proposed?

What is the Program/Overview?

Newcastle is fortunate to have a 170 hectare nature reserve in the heart of the city.  Blackbutt Reserve is highly regarded by Newcastle residents and visitors to the area.  The reserve forms an outstanding natural setting of relatively contiguous native bushland with outstanding scenic opportunities over the City.  

Some of the key reserve wide strategies for Blackbutt Reserve include developing wayfinding and interpretative signage; guidelines for a track strategy; vegetation management plan and a business plan.  More specific catchment strategies include increasing new opportunities at certain recreation areas; new multi purpose facility at Carnley Avenue, new playground at Richley Reserve and improvements to wildlife exhibits.

See   Blackbuttt Reserve webpage for all visitor information.

What main studies apply?

Council adopted the  Blackbutt Reserve Plan of Management (pdf) in February 2012.

This document outlines how the area can be used now and into the future. The plan is in two parts:

  • Part A contains background information and sets the direction for management of Blackbutt Reserve
  • Part B includes specific management strategies and outcomes for Blackbutt Reserve.

Where will I see Improvements?

The   Blackbutt Reserve Masterplan (pdf) prepared as part of the Plan of Management indicates the main improvements to be made to the Reserves over the coming years. The Masterplan is illustrated in 3 parts:
  • Overall Blackbutt Masterplan
  • Carnley Avenue Recreation Area (CARA)
  • Richley Reserve Recreation Area (RRRA).