What is Proposed?

What is the Program/Overview?

City Of Newcastle is committed to making cycling a safe and attractive transport option so that more people cycle for more of their trips.  Provision of suitable infrastructure is a critical factor in increasing mode share to cycling, however, it has been shown that a combination of 'hard' and 'soft' measures are required to bring about substantial change.

The cycleways program focuses on construction of new cycleways, on road, road related areas and in parks.  It also covers projects such as linemarking and bollard removal/replacement, wayfinding, education and promotion.  Funding for these works is derived from a combination of SRV funds, S94 and S94A, grants and working funds.


What studies apply?

The   Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan (pdf) was adopted by Council in March 2012.  It nominates targets for cycling mode share, and plans for expansion and upgrade of the cycling network, in addition to actions relating to advocacy, promotion and education.

Consultation through Newcastle Voice was undertaken in 2010 to inform the development of the Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan, and again in 2014, to monitor perceptions of cycling in Newcastle.  Results show that a major deterrent to increased take-up of cycling is the perceived lack of safety.  A strong preference by the community is for cycle routes physically separated from traffic, as a means to encourage greater participation in cycling.  The works program listed in the strategy is considered a 'live' document, with projects being added or modified in response to further investigations and feedback.

Where will I see improvements?

Newcastle’s existing bicycle network is made up of marked on road routes and off road shared paths.  The Cycleways Program covers upgrade of some existing routes, where the infrastructure is not of a standard to encourage new users, and new links. 

Find out more about existing and proposed cycling routes in Newcastle and view our online maps

The current budget for 2018/19 is approximately $2.6 million.

I want to ride more, where can I find more information?

We have a dedicated website just for cyclists. Head to onyourbike.com.au and find your path.