Adamstown - Mandalong Road

City of Newcastle (CN) will be undertaking footway improvements along Mandalong Road Adamstown.  Construction will be staged.

The aim of this project is to improve safety and accessibility for users of this route.

Completed works

  • Reconstruct the existing kerb returns and kerb ramps at the intersections of Narara Road and Gosford Street as required to facilitate the proposed kerb ramp design
  • Reconstruct existing concrete footpath as required
  • Installation of handrails as required.

Stage 2

  • Reconstruction of existing kerb and gutter between Brunker Road and Gosford Road 
  • Constructing kerb returns at the intersection with Narara Road, replacing the existing culvert convertors
  • Constructing 1.2m concrete footpath between Brunker Road and Gosford Road
  • Installation of pipe drainage and kerb inlet pits
  • Adjustment to existing and installation of new signage and line-marking in accordance with RMS and Australian Standards.
The project will improve safety and accessibility for users of this key pedestrian link, particularly primary school students between the Brunker Road pedestrian crossing and Adamstown Public School.