Bathers Way - Shortland Esplanade South

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Council is upgrading the southern section of Shortland Esplanade and Church Street, extending from Zaara Street to Watt Street in Newcastle. Construction will commence in February 2017 and will take approximately six months to complete.

The work will see an extension of the one-way traffic movement along Shortland Esplanade, from Zaara Street to Watt Street, which will provide a consistent traffic environment extending from Nobbys Beach through to Fletcher Park at Watt Street.

The upgrade includes rehabilitation of the roadway, retaining walls, drainage, lighting and fencing. It will also provide a new section of Bathers Way shared pathway, new pedestrian crossings and parking.

This upgrade will provide the initial works required to lead into the South Newcastle public domain works, which include the upgrade to South Newcastle skate park.

The Bathers Way is a Newcastle City Council   priority project.

 View the   Bathers Way - Shortland Esplanade South plan (pdf)

Road closures

Road closures will be required with pedestrian and traffic detours in place during construction.
From Monday 6 March, Shortland Esplanade will close between Ocean Street and Watt Street, with north bound traffic maintained between Ocean and Zaara streets. At this time Shortland Esplanade will also become one-way northbound between Ocean Street and Zaara Street.
Traffic heading south on Shortland Esplanade from Nobbys will be directed onto Zaara Street.
Pedestrian access along the western footpath of Shortland Esplanade will be maintained between Ocean Street and Watt Street, as directed by onsite signage. Full vehicle access will be restored as soon as possible, but the closure is expected to last up to six months. When the work is completed, Shortland Esplanade will be one way southward between Ocean and Watt.
Resident access will be maintained during this period.

Lower promenade, Newcastle Beach

Part of the lower promenade at Newcastle Beach is closed between Newcastle Surf Club and South Newcastle skate park for up to six months. This will allow for the reconstruction of the retaining walls between the road and the lower path, and to allow for the safe movement of machinery within the area.
Access from South Newcastle through to the Bogie Hole and King Edward Park remains closed, with access through to the park provided via the western footpath of Shortland Esplanade, via Church Street up to Watt Street.
The skate park remains open and access is via the beach during this time. The closest alternative skate park is at Empire Park in Bar Beach.

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