Islington - Clyde Street level crossing

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City of Newcastle partnered with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to implement cycle safety improvements at the Clyde Street railway level crossing in Islington/Hamilton North.

ARTC have now shifted the eastern boom gate foundation and we have realigned the kerb and gutter approaching the level crossing from the north. This has relieved the existing pinch point at the level crossing by widening the road to provide a dedicated cycle lane across the railway.

Road resurfacing for impacted sections of road, new line marking and removal of two trees to provide adequate line of sight for motorists is expected to be completed in early 2019.
Previously when approaching the level crossing along Clyde Street from the north, the road narrowed substantially and cyclists were required to merge with vehicle traffic.  Although motorised vehicles passing cyclists are, by law, required to allow a distance of one metre to the cyclist in speed zones up to 60km/h, instances of near misses, verbal abuse of cyclists and other incidents have been reported.

This upgrade is consistent with longer term plans for construction of a shared path on the eastern side of Chatham Road and Clyde Street, connecting the east-west cycleway at Griffiths Rd/Chatham Rd to the University to Newcastle City route at Chinchen Street.