Queens Wharf Tower

Our beloved, yet unusual Queens Wharf Tower will be demolished in late 2018 early 2019.

What should go in its place? You can influence the outcome! We will be seeking your feedback for how the community open space could be used in 2018.

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Queens Wharf before and after - click on this image for a larger view

Why are we demolishing the tower?

  • Built in 1988, the tower is no longer the star attraction it once was and is coming to the end of its useful life
  • The estimated cost to maintain the tower is $1.6 million dollars over the next four years 
  • Your rates can be funding projects that provide better outcomes for our community 
  • The tower is a safety hazard, and not accessible for everyone in the community and definitely not an appropriate reminder to the city of the Queen’s visit in 1988 
  • It is the subject of lewd jokes and negative reports, and is certainly not a positive reflection on our city 
From The Newcastle Herald 1 December 2017:
The man who designed Queen’s Wharf Tower in the 1980s says it was meant to be a temporary structure and is surprised it has lasted this long. Architect Kevin Snell said the observation tower had served its purpose and he was not surprised Newcastle City Council had decided this week to demolish it.
“It was only designed as a temporary structure, like an expo-type structure,” he told the Newcastle Herald.
“My ego’s not threatened, that’s for sure. I’m very, very surprised that the council has dished out the money to maintain it all this time. 
“I applaud the council for 30 years of support for the structure, but I fully understand, and I’m not crestfallen that it is to be demolished because that was always to be the case.”
Mr Snell said the tower, which was built as part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations and opened by the queen in 1988, was meant to be dismantled after only two to five years.

What will replace the tower?

We will be seeking your feedback in 2018 to determine how this open space could be best used by our community. Taking everyone's ideas on board, we will propose a design for the space and then put the final design on public exhibition so everyone has the opportunity to get involved.

Potential ideas for this space