Victory Parade Pedestrian and Cyclist Crossing

Page hero image In 2016, Council constructed a combined pedestrian-cycle crossing on Victory Parade in Wallsend, the first of its type installed in the Hunter region.

We would like to hear your thoughts on the combined pedestrian-cycle crossing by completing our  survey. This information will assist us in deciding if we should implement combined crossings in other locations. 
Construction of the crossing were completed at the end of June 2016 and a trial being run to assess the safety of the crossing and determine if the same style of crossing could be applied in other areas of Newcastle.


The existing pedestrian crossing west of the entrance to the Jenny McLeod Retirement Village in Wallsend was upgraded to provide two adjoining crossings: a traditional pedestrian crossing and a cycle-only crossing. Legal right of way for cyclists at the cycle-only crossing is  provided by road signage and line marking.

The upgraded crossing enables cyclists from southern parts of Wallsend and Elermore Vale to access the Wallsend to Newcastle City cycleway at Jesmond Park via the shared pathway through Wallsend Brickworks Park. 

Currently a cyclist must legally dismount from their cycle to use a standard pedestrian crossing. The intent of this traffic facility is to enable cyclists to cross the road without having to dismount from their bicycles by providing them the same legal right of way that pedestrians currently enjoy at a pedestrian crossing.

In addition to the upgraded crossing, the following work was completed:
  • Relocation of the power pole on Victory Parade near the Wallsend Brickworks Park entrance and reconstruction of the existing split path into a single 2.5m wide concrete path.
  • Reconstruction of the bus stop to accommodate the extended shared pathway.
  • New street lighting at the pedestrian-cycle crossing.
  • Reconstruction of the kerb and gutter at the intersection with Chalmers Road to reduce the crossing width across Chalmers Road.
  • Provision of kerb ramps at the Chalmers Road intersection to support the possible future extension of the shared pathway along the northern side of Victory Parade from Chalmers Road to Jesmond Park.
In late 2016, Council invited community feedback about the combined crossing via an online survey. Another survey is currently underway.

Cycle-only crossings are not common in NSW and are unfamiliar to the majority of motorists and cyclists. As cyclists have faster approach speeds than pedestrians, the available stopping distance for motorists is reduced. Hence, caution is required by all road users.

Key points for safe use of the combined pedestrian-cycle crossing are:
  • Pedestrians and cyclists have their own exclusive crossing.
  • Cyclists are not required to dismount to use the cycle-only crossing.
  • Motorists must give way to cyclists as directed by 'Give Way' signs.
  • Notwithstanding having right of way over motorists, cyclists must still use caution when approaching the crossing by slowing and looking on approach.