Waratah - Maud Street road safety improvements

City of Newcastle is implementing traffic changes in Maud Street Waratah to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists using the University to Newcastle City cycling route.

Work in this area will be staged over several years and includes the installation of traffic signals between Prince Street and Vera Street.
Stage 1 construction will start in May 2019 in preparation for the signals.

This stage is expected to take around four months and includes:
  • stormwater drainage and conduit work
  • reconstruction of kerbs at Vera Street to implement no exit from Vera Street at Maud Street and no right turn from Maud Street to Vera Street
  • reconstruction of the refuge on Prince Street.

What to expect during construction

  • There will be some localised noise from machinery
  • Night work will be needed from mid-May and will be carried out Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 2.30am, with minimal noise after 11pm
  • Road closures and detours will be required, with traffic control in place
  • Resident access will be maintained.

Community consultation outcomes

The proposed traffic changes were placed on public exhibition in July/August 2017 and generated a significant amount of community interest, with over 200 submissions received.

In response to this feedback, we have made some key modifications to the plan, including: 
  • the existing arrangements at Prince Street will remain (that is, left in and left out) 
  • left in permitted from Maud Street to Vera Street
  • no changes to King Street.
While the community was generally supportive of traffic calming measures in Vera, King and Queen streets, concerns were expressed about the location of the proposed traffic devices. 

We will undertake further consultation with residents in the area to determine what to do on these streets and will carry out investigation and consultation to address speeding on Prince Street. 

We have also been working with Roads and Maritime Services during the detailed design phase to ensure we address their requirements.

 More information about the completed consulation for Maud Street proposed traffic changes 2017.

What's next?

It is expected that the traffic signals will be installed later in 2019, together with advance warning signage on the northern side of the rail bridge to alert south-bound traffic.

The next stage of work will be subject to further consultation and approval by the Newcastle City Traffic Committee and will address additional traffic calming of King Street and Queen Street and improved safety at the intersection of Queen and Lorna streets.

Major rehabilitation works are programmed for Vera Street in the next few years. In conjunction with the resurfacing works, it is intended to review the existing access to and from the University cycleway (the refuge at Vera Street and Queen Street and path between 2 Queen Street and 43 Vera Street).

Cycleway in the rail corridor

We are continuing to investigate a proposal to redirect the cycleway route away from the busy Maud Street crossing and into the rail corridor off Prince Street, near Alfred Street. 

The route is proposed to run under the rail bridge along the rail corridor to meet the cycleway west of Vera Street. Significant design work has been completed, however, due to the high cost and approvals process, it is a long-term proposal.

Even if this cycleway is constructed, the current work (including the traffic signals) will still be required when the cycleway is closed for rail outages, which is likely to be several times per year for several days at a time. 

City of Newcastle is continuing to liaise with the Australian Rail Track Corporation on this project and other potential cycleway rail corridor proposals.