Delegations and authorisations

The Local Government Act 1993 (Act), and other relevant legislation, authorises Council to undertake a range of functions by way of delegations and authorisations to staff (or another person or body such as a section 355 committee).

Current delegations and authorisations assigned by the elected Council are:

Sub-delegations and authorisations are appointed to positions within Council by the CEO.  This is in accordance with Section 377 of the Act which provides:

  • the elected Council to delegate, by Council resolution, authority to the General Manager to make most of the decisions and perform most of
  • the functions required for Council to operate on a day to day basis. In turn, Council's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) sub-delegates functions to Council staff.

Sub-delegations and authorisations are set out in Parts B and C of the Register of delegations and authorisations [PDF]

Amendments to the Register may occur from time to time.  For further information, please submit a customer request via email to: