Delivery Plan & Budget

Council's 10 year financial modelling shows that if we continue with a 'business as usual' approach, by 2022 the net overall budget deficit could be as high as $37 million.

Well before this time, based on current trends, Council could be insolvent as early as 2017. Clearly the 'business as usual' approach is unacceptable and a significant realignment is required. This Delivery Program aims to do this.

This Delivery Program outlines how Newcastle City Council plans to achieve the strategic objectives outlined in the
 Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan (pdf) that are within its area of responsibility and deliverable within its current level of resources.

The Delivery Program is a four year plan aligned to the Council electoral cycle and is broken down into two components:


Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) is a key document in the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework mandated as a requirement for all NSW councils. More detail is provided later in this planning document however the purpose of the LTFP is to reflect the actual and projected financial position of Council over a 10 year period.

The plan incorporates Council’s current financial position, strategies, and assumptions (including economic assumptions) and analyses the potential financial impact of a number of alternate future funding scenarios to assist in determining the most appropriate course of action which will support the service delivery level required by the community while ensuring the long term financial sustainability of the organisation.