The Resourcing Strategy

The Resourcing Strategy provides the link between our Community Outcomes and Council's Delivery Program and Operational Plan.  It explains how the organisation will meet its obligations now and in the future, taking into account our workforce, our finances and our assets.
The Resourcing Strategy enables us to deliver our services to the community in the most sustainable way. 

Long Term Financial Plan


The Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) is a key document in the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework mandated as a requirement for all NSW Councils.  More detail is provided later in this planning document however the purpose of the LTFP is to reflect the actual and projected financial position of Council over a 10 year period.

The plan incorporates Council's current financial position, strategies and assumptions (Including economic assumptions) and analyses the potential financial impact of a number of alternate future funding scenarios to assist in determining the most appropriate course of action which will support the service delivery level required by the community while ensuring the long term financial sustainability of the organisation.

Work Force Management Plan

The aim of the workforce Management Plan is to ensure Council has planned for the unforeseeable future (next four years) and is able to meet the objectives of the Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

While the initial focus of this Workforce Management Plan is on the next four years; it is important to note that workforce planning is a continuous process of matching workforce requirements to organisational objectives in delivering the CSP, as well as analysing and forecasting the human resource implications when undertaking particular operational or strategic activities.
In developing and maintaining the Workforce Management Plan consideration has been given to both internal and external factors that may affect Council’s ability to meet its current and future workforce needs. These factors include an ageing population, identified skills shortages, past recruiting experience, Council’s financial position and also the expectations of the community.
The key Strategies of Newcastle City Council's Workforce Management Plan are:
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Investing in the capabilities of our people
  • Planning for our future workforce needs
  • Facilitating a culture of cooperation, respect and wellbeing.

Asset Management Strategy

The Asset Management policy applies to all Newcastle City Council owned and managed assets.  It provides a framework and understanding of management principles with regard to sustainably managing assets to meet agreed levels of community service expectations.

To improve our asset management we have developed the below key strategies that will form a four year action plan:
  • The development and implementation of a Corporate Asset Management system for all asset classes
  • The development and implementation of a single source of truth asset management register
  • Define existing levels of service in consultation with the community
  • Undertake condition based programmed inspections
  • Remove duplications in asset register
  • Develop four year program for capital works.