Newcastle 2030 Vision & Strategic Plan

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The Newcastle Community Strategic Plan reflects the community’s vision for the city and is our guide for action. It tells us what we are striving to achieve, the strategies we are using to achieve it and the outcomes that will indicate we have reached our goals.

Newcastle 2030

Newcastle 2030 (revised 2013)



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Our Community Strategic Plan contains

  • Seven strategic directions that we want to move towards
  • 23 objectives we want to achieve over the next 10 years
  • Strategies for achieving our goals.

The seven strategic directions emerged from the shared planning process. All of these qualities work together. They are the vital connections in a visionary plan to meet the social, economic and environmental goals we need to build a resilient city. An adaptable community is better equipped for the challenges of the future with a long term vision bolstered by clear sustainable guidelines.

Strategic directions for Newcastle

  A Connected City
  A Protected and Enhanced Environment

Vibrant and Activated Public Places


A Caring and Inclusive Community


A Liveable and Distinctive Built Environment


A Smart and Innovative City

  Open and Collaborative Leadership

Connected City

In 2030 our transport networks and services will be well connected and convenient. Walking, cycling and public transport will be viable options for getting around the city.

Protected & Enhanced Environment

In 2030 our unique environment will be understood, maintained and protected.

Vibrant & Activated Public Places

In 2030 we will be a city of great places and neighbourhoods promoting peoples health, happiness and wellbeing.

Caring & Inclusive Community

In 2030 we will be a thriving community where diversity is embraced, everyone is valued and has the opportunity to contribute and belong.

Liveable & Distinctive Built Environment

In 2030 we will live in an attractive city that is built around people and reflects our sense of identify.

Smart & Innovative City

In 2030 we will be a leader in smart innovations with a healthy, diverse and resilient economy.

Open & Collaborative Leadership

In 2030 we will have a strong local democracy with an actively engaged community and effective partnerships.

Creating our Vision

Our shared vision for Newcastle is for a smart, liveable and sustainable city.

Delivering the Plan & Measuring Progress

Council has driven the process for Newcastle 2030 and the development of the Community Strategic Plan and acknowledges its role as the leading facilitator and advocate on behalf of the Newcastle community.

What's happening

Continued consultation with the community and informed the revised Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan.