Connected City

In 2030 our transport networks and services will be well connected and convenient. Walking, cycling and public transport will be viable options for getting around the city.

Transport plays a major role in keeping us physically connected to work, leisure and services. Moving around the city with ease is important to the liveability of Newcastle and the sustainability of our environment.

What We Want As a Community

The Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan was developed following a significant shared planning process with direct input from a wide cross section of the community. It seeks to build on our strengths and unique assets, and describes our shared long term vision for a resilient city that is smart, liveable and sustainable.

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Connected City Objectives

1.1  Effective and integrated public transport.
1.2  Linked networks of cycle and pedestrian paths.
1.3  A transport network that encourages energy and resource efficiency.

Connected City Projects

These projects form part of the strategies that will be actioned through the Four-Year Delivery Program and One-Year Operational Plan. Find out more about  Delivering the Plan.

Making Progress

Transport was a major theme throughout the Newcastle 2030 consultation process. The ability to walk and cycle safely on an integrated network is important in supporting an active and healthy lifestyle.
The  State of the City Report measures our progress towards a Connected City and our vision for a smart, liveable and sustainable Newcastle.

Find out more about Measuring our Progress.