Delivering the Plan & Measuring Progress


Newcastle 2030 is part of a new reform program that focuses on integrated planning and community engagement. It was developed following a significant shared planning process with direct input from a wide cross-section of the community.

The Community Strategic Plan will be delivered by incorporating strategic directions and actions into Council's delivery program and operational plan.

We have developed a number of community indicators in order to measure our progress towards the 23 objectives that reflect the shared priorities of the Newcastle community.

Achieving these objectives requires the involvement and partnerships of government at all three levels, the business sector, community groups and residents. Key strategies are also supported by the NSW 2021 State Plan and associated local regional action plans.

Delivering the Plan

In 2009 new guidelines were legislated by the NSW State Government to help improve the way local government strategically plans for the future.

Newcastle 2030 is part of this new reform program and Council welcomes the strong focus on integrated planning and community engagement.

Council has driven the process for Newcastle 2030 and the development of the 10 year Community Strategic Plan and acknowledges its role as the leading facilitator and advocate on behalf of the Newcastle community in partnership with others.

We have developed our Community Strategic Plan with regard to the NSW State Plan 2010 and associated delivery plans including the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy 2006-2031 and the Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Action Plan 2006-2015.

Newcastle 2030 is the highest level plan in Council's integrated planning and reporting framework. We have underpinned the plan with a resourcing strategy and we will develop the strategies in more detail through Council's policies and planning documents.

Council will action strategies in the Community Strategic Plan through the four-year Delivery Programand one-Year Operational Plan.


Measuring progress

In order to measure the progress towards the Newcastle 2030 vision, a number of community indicators have been developed under each of the seven strategic directions. The indicators were shaped by the outcomes desired by the community and selected as a way of tracking the impact of initiatives undertaken across the Local Government Area (LGA).

Each indicator is measured using data collected by Council, government or community based agencies. Analysis of the indicators will assist in understanding how effectively we are all contributing to positive change within our community.

The  State of the City Report (pdf) provides an update on the progress towards achieving our shared vision for a smart, liveable and sustainable Newcastle.

The  End of Term Report 2012 - 2016 (pdf) provides an update on Newcastle City Council's progress towards achieving Newcastle 2030, our shared vision for a smart, liveable and sustainable city.