Liveable & Distinctive Built Environment

In 2030 we will live in an attractive city that is built around people and reflects our sense of identity.

There is a close relationship between our built environment, our health and social wellbeing. The way we design Newcastle and our neighbourhoods affects how we walk, cycle and participate in active recreation. It affects how we use public transport around the City and interact with neighbours and other community members.

We value our heritage places as integral to the city’s unique identity and believe they are a rich resource to shape the city’s future and make an important contribution to the character of neighbourhoods. Good planning will ensure people of all abilities can remain and participate in their own communities throughout their lives.

What We Want As a Community

The Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan was developed following a significant shared planning process with direct input from a wide cross section of the community. It seeks to build on our strengths and unique assets, and describes our shared long term vision for a resilient city that is smart, liveable and sustainable.

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Liveable and Distinctive Built Environment objectives

5.1  A built environment that maintains and enhances our sense of identity.
5.2  Mixed-use urban villages supported by integrated transport networks.
5.3  Greater diversity of quality housing for current and future community needs.
5.4  Best practice energy and water efficient buildings and infrastructure.

Liveable and Distinctive Built Environment projects

  • Federal Park Wallsend Grandstand
  • Elizabeth Street Tighes Hill Retaining Wall
  •  Make Your Place Program and place management
  • Passmore Oval Grandstand Refurbishment
  • We Love Our Coast Newcastle  Coastal Revitalisation
  • Promoting adaptable universal housing design.

These projects form part of the strategies that will be actioned through the Four-Year Delivery Program and One-Year Operational Plan. Find out more about  Delivering the Plan.

Making Progress

Community outcomes we want to see in our Liveable and Distinctive Built Environment include walkable neighbourhoods with green spaces and a wide range of affordable housing choices supported by multipurpose facilities. We want a balance between retaining heritage and new developments that promotes our unique local culture and provides connections between the city, harbour, foreshore and beaches.

The   State of the City Report (pdf) details a set of community indicators that measure our progress towards a Liveable and Distinctive Built Environment and a smart, liveable and sustainable Newcastle.

Find out more about  Measuring our Progress.