Smart & Innovative City

In 2030 we will be a leader in smart innovations with a healthy, diverse and resilient economy.
The call for Newcastle to be a smart and innovative city is driven with a view to our future sustainability. In the face of climate change and declining global oil reserves, new technologies will be instrumental in transforming our systems to optimise the use of finite resources.

Despite existing perceptions of coal dependence, Newcastle is a city at the forefront of renewable energy innovations which has the potential to create competitive advantage for the city with the development of new technologies and services.

A cultural led renewal will support an attractive, culturally vibrant city. A place people would like to live, work and invest that attracts new professional opportunities and creative workers in new innovative market sectors.

What We Want As a Community

The Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan was developed following a significant shared planning process with direct input from a wide cross section of the community. It seeks to build on our strengths and unique assets, and describes our shared long term vision for a resilient city that is smart, liveable and sustainable.

To share your ideas on how we can work towards achieving a smart, liveable and sustainable Newcastle, email us at

Smart and Innovative City objectives

6.1  A vibrant, diverse and resilient green economy built on educational excellence and research.
6.2  A culture that supports and encourages innovation and creativity at all levels.
6.3  A thriving city that attracts people to live, work, invest and visit.

Smart and Innovative City projects

  • Smart Grid Smart City Program partner
  • Increased City Hall accessibility
  • Stockton Beach Tourist Park improvement
  • Promote  Brand Newcastle to stimulate business target markets
  • Support University of Newcastle bid for city campus
  • Street lighting improvement program
  • Support mainstreet  Business Improvement Associations.

These projects form part of the strategies that will be actioned through the Four-Year Delivery Program and One-Year Operational Plan. Find out more about  Delivering the Plan.

Making Progress

Significant research and trial projects are occurring across Newcastle aimed at the development of new technologies and services within the green energy sector.

Innovation in creativity and business development is progressing with  Renew Newcastle continuing to find short and medium term uses for buildings in Newcastle's CBD that were vacant, disused, or awaiting redevelopment.

The   State of the City Report (pdf) details a set of community indicators that measure our progress towards becoming a Smart and Innovative City.

Find our more about  Measuring our Progress.