Vibrant & Activated Public Places

In 2030 we will be a city of great places and neighbourhoods promoting peoples health, happiness and wellbeing.

Our public places are accessible to all and include parklands, squares, reserves, beaches and other lands set apart for public use and enjoyment. For a place to be vibrant and successful it must be meaningful, engaging and accessible to all. Attractive and welcoming neighbourhoods invite enjoyment and contribute to community safety and social connectedness.

What We Want As a Community

The Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan was developed following a significant shared planning process with direct input from a wide cross section of the community. It seeks to build on our strengths and unique assets, and describes our shared long term vision for a resilient city that is smart, liveable and sustainable.

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Vibrant and Activated Public Places objectives

3.1 Public places that provide for diverse activity and strengthen our social connections.

3.2 Culture, heritage and place are valued, shared and celebrated.

3.3 Safe and activated places that are used by people day and night.

Making Progress

Community outcomes we want to see in our Caring and Inclusive Community include appropriate access to community-based services, lifelong learning opportunities and growth in community gardens and farmers markets. We want a city where people know their neighbours, volunteer their time and skills to help others, and actively participate in creating a healthy, more informed and culturally rich community.

The   State of the City Report (pdf) details seven community indicators to measure our progress towards a Caring and Inclusive Community and a smart, liveable and sustainable Newcastle.

Find our more about   Measuring our Progress.