Current Contribution Rates  (pdf) -  1 February 2019 - 30 April 2019

Council indexes and adjusts contribution rates quarterly, in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (All Groups Sydney) published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The CPI index rate is expected to rise at regular intervals and therefore the actual contribution payable is indexed and recalculated at the CPI rate applicable on the day of payment.

CPI quarterly figures are released by the ABS on a date after the indexation quarter and as a guide, these approximate dates are provided below.

Indexation Quarters Approx Update*
June 2018 1 August 2018
September 2018 1 November 2018
December 2018 1 February 2019
March 2019 1 May 2019

To determine the amount payable at today's rate please contact Council’s Customer Contact Centre on (02) 4974 2000.