Hunter Street Mall Redevelopment

DA2017/00700 - 169-185 Hunter Street Newcastle

Mixed use development incorporating retail premises, shop-top housing, car parking and associated works

This Development Application seeks approval for a mixed use development incorporating the following:
  1. Construction of three multistorey buildings ranging from 10 to 11 storeys in height, with a total approximate floor area of 24, 218m2  comprising 228 dwellings and approximately 3,629m2 of retail floor area
  2. Retention and adaptive reuse of the former David Jones Building (corner of Hunter and Perkins Streets) for ground level retail uses and residential apartments above
  3. Retention of heritage facades on Hunter and Wolf Streets
  4. Basement car parking for approximately 273 car spaces
  5. A mid-block pedestrian connection linking Perkins Street and Wolfe Street
  6. Demolition, earthworks and remediation.

DA2017/00700 Exhibition Documents

 DA2017/00700 - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Archaelogical Assessment (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Accessibility Assessment Report (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Acid Sulphate Soil Management Statement (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Acoustic Assessment (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Additional Contamination Assessment (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Basix Certificate (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Basix Group Certificate - NatHERS (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Basix Stamped Drawings (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - BCA (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Building A - Architectural Plans (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Building B- Architectural Plans (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Building C - Architectural Plans (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Building D - Architectural Plans (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Clause 4.6 Variation to Height of Buildings (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Concept Stormwater Management Plan (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Conservation Management Plan (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Construction Management Plan (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Construction Traffic Management Plan (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Crime Risk Assessment (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - DA Forms & Checklist (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Exemption to Design Competition (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Flooding Assessment (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Heritage Impact Assessment (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Historical Archaelogical Assessment (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Indicative Cost Report (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Indicative Cost Report (CIV) (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Infrastructure Services Report (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Landscape Concept and Landscape Statement (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Notification Plans (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Potential Ground Issues Report (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Precinct Photo Montages (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Precinct Architectural Plans (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Preliminary Mine Subsidence Assessment (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Remediation Action Plan (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Statement of Environmental Effects (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - SEPP 65 Design Statement (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Site Survey (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Strategic Social Plan (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Sustainability Report (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Transport Impact Assessment Report (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Visual Impact and Street Views Analysis (pdf)
 DA2017/00700 - Waste Management Plan (pdf)

DA2017/00701 169-185 Hunter Street Newcastle

CONCEPT -  Staged development comprising of retail, commercial, residential and shop top housing.

A staged development Application (Staged DA) has also been lodged for the subject site (plans below) located at the eastern end of the Newcastle City Centre between the Hunter Street Mall and the Christ Church Cathedral. The Staged DA is for a mixed use development comprising retail and commercial uses, residential apartments, associated car parking, public spaces and site works.

This application is intended to replace the Staged DA No. 2015/10182, which was approved by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) on 28 April 2016, for the same site.

DA2017/00701 Exhibition Documents

 DA2017/00701 - Aboriginal & Historical Archaeological Report (Part 1) - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Aboriginal & Historical Archaeological Report (Part 2) - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Aboriginal & Historical Archaeological Report (Part 3) - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Application Form and Checklist - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Clause 4.6 Variation to Height of Buildings - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Concept Staged DA Drawings (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Construction Management Plan - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Contamination Assessment and Addendum - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Design and SEPP 65 Report - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Ground Issues Report Part 1-3 - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Heritage Impact Assessment Addendum - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Indicative Cost Report - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Indicative Public Domain Strategy - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Infrastructure Services Report - Concept Staged (pdf)  
 DA2017/00701 - Notification Plan - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Shadow Diagrams - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Site Survey - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Social Impact Assessment & Addendums Parts 1 & 2 - Concept Staged (pdf) 
 DA2017/00701 - Staging Diagram - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Statement of Environmental Effects - Concept Staged (pdf)
 DA2017/00701 - Visual Impact and Street View Analysis - Concept Staged (pdf)

Exhibition Period

The documents submitted with these applications can be viewed either above or in hard copy at the Newcastle City Council, Customer Enquiry Centre, Ground Floor, 282 King Street Newcastle (8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday).

Both applications are on public exhibition from 10 July to 10 August 2017.

Written submissions on both applications will be received until 5pm on Thursday 10 August 2017. Further information on how to put in a submission to Council can be found here. Any person may make a submission to Council.

If you have any further questions please contact Development Assessment Team Co-ordinator, Priscilla Emmett on 4974 2763.

Determining Body

The application will be determined by the Hunter and Central Coast Joint Regional Planning Panel as the capital investment is over $20,000,000.00.


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