Comments & Objections

The notification process for development applications is outlined in Council’s Development Control Plan 2012   Section 8.00 Public Participation.

We are obliged to consider Development Applications within a legal framework established by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and related planning documents including the   Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012, and  Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012.

This framework grants developing landowners certain entitlements, for example it may be that the zoning of the land permits industrial development provided that the development complies with Council’s planning controls. Matters raised in submissions should relate to the impact a proposed development may have on your property, street or community such as bulk, scale, privacy and solar access.

Please note that when making a submission in the form of an objection, you should clearly specify the grounds on which you are objecting. For example, citing excessive overshadowing as an issue allows that impact to be considered in the assessment, whereas simply stating you object to the development because 'it is big' does not identify the impact of the proposed development.

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