Electronic Housing Code

The Electronic Housing Code (EHC) is an online system that allows users to investigate, prepare, lodge and track complying development applications. Users will enjoy a process that’s fast, standardised, paperless and available night and day.

We are proud to offer residents this great resource. We became involved in this initiative upon recognising that the EHC is an important key step towards furthering our goals to make it easier for the public to navigate the Planning system and the delivery of online services.

Want to know more? Simply visit the  EHC Website.

How does it work?

The EHC guides users through a step-by-step approvals process.

  1. INVESTIGATE - find out whether a project is eligible for exempt or complying development and view the relevant standards.
    (Note: The Department of Planning have also released a beta version of a web tool titled   'Interactive Buildings' that simplifies the requirements for exempt development on residential, commercial and industrial properties).

  2. PREPARE - be guided through a simple process that will help prepare the complying development application.

  3. LODGE - once the application is complete it can be easily lodged online.

  4. TRACK – if lodged on line, track the progress of the application online.

  5. DOWNLOAD - once the result of the application is determined it can be viewed and downloaded from the website.

What does it cost?

There is currently no fee to use this online system with the EHC being subsidised by a Commonwealth Grant to New South Wales. In the future however, there may be a fee associated with this resource as the Grant comes to an end.

There is however a fee associated with the assessment of a Complying Development Application, to obtain a quote for your Complying Development Certificate contact Council on 4974 2000.

What do you need to lodge a Complying Development Certificate?

Before logging on to use the EHC, have the following information available:

  • An electronic copy of the proposed development plans

  • The area and width of the lot on which the development is proposed

  • A signed owner’s consent form if you’re submitting an application on behalf of someone else

  • A copy of Council's  Complying Development Checklist can be found  here.

Need some assistance?

If you need a little help with using the system, there’s great online help available. Just click  here to have your questions answered.

You may also find it helpful to view the User Guide.