Fees and Charges

The Price Tag

We totally understand you can't (and shouldn't) put a price on your special day but there are some fees to pay.


Minimum Fees 

Application Fee - $125 (non-refundable)

Venue Usage Fee

Venue usage fees are based on the classification of the park or beach ie Local, District or Regional and whether you're looking to hire per hour or for the day. Park and beach classifications are identifed on the  Parks for Hire and  Beaches for Hire pages. Only one of the below fees will apply:

Local Per Hour - $14.50
Local Per Day - $101.20 (8>Hours)
District Per Hour - $22.70
District Per Day - $158.50 (8>Hours)
Regional Per Hour - $32.20
Regional Per Day - $225.20 (8>Hours)

Additional Fees

Amendment Fee - $42.50 (where amendments are requested after approval has been granted)

Electrical Access Fee - $58.50 (single phase, if required)

Key Bond Fee - $170 (if applicable, where electrical access is required)

Late Application Fee

Ideally we'd like your application 1 month prior to your ceremony date. Last minute requests may be doable however we usually have to drop everything to get it done. (You'll be up for a late application fee of $234.60 if you submit your application inside 3 days of your ceremony date.)

Other fees and charges may apply (but not usually).

Additional Bits and Pieces

Hire of a rotunda or other shelter structure is included in the venue usage fee where applicable.

Half hour increments will be pro-rated.

Questions? We're here.  Contact Us.