Personal Training and Learn to Surf Licencing

Personal Training in the Newcastle Local Government Area

To achieve the vision for a vibrant and activated public place and a caring and inclusive community, Newcastle City Council supports a range of activities across Newcastle's parks, sportsground and beaches.  This includes personal training, group fitness and boot camp classes. Council regulates these activities by issuing a license permitting this use.

When you need consent

If you are a personal trainer / commercial outdoor fitness trainer (trainers) in the Newcastle LGA and you would like to conduct sessions for group fitness or personal training in the Newcastle LGA, you will require consent to conduct your activities.  Council manages the licensing of these activities through Personal Training Licence Agreements.  Agreements are allocated on a quarterly basis.

Permissible use

Trainers must ensure activities are conducted in approved areas.  The suitable areas for licensing of personal training, group fitness and boot camp classes are managed in consideration of high activity areas and/or areas of cultural, environmental or natural significance.

How to apply and fees and charges

Trainers can apply to Council for a Personal Trainers Licence when operating on Newcastle's parks, sportsground and beaches.  For further information on the process, including applications, please contact Councils Sports Liaison Officer on (02) 4974 2812 or