Personal Training & Learn to Surf Licencing

Personal Fitness trainers wanting to conduct outdoor fitness classes at Newcastle beaches, parks and reserves are required to be licenced. This includes personal trainers, group fitness and boot camp classes.


The 2016/17 (GST inclusive) licence fees are:

  • Adminstration fee - $125 per application
  • Adminstration fee - $245 per application for applications received less than 15 days prior to the date of the event
  • Beaches only - $480 per quarter / one location
  • Parks and Reserves only - $480 per quarter / one location
  • Both Beaches, Parks and Reserves combined - $530 per quarter/two locations.


No fitness activities will be permitted in high activity areas and/or areas of cultural, environmental or natural significance. Specific areas prohibited include but are not limited to:

  • Newcastle Ocean Baths
  • Newcastle Beach
  • Merewether Ocean Baths and adjacent stairways
  • Grassed areas adjacent to SLSC's
  • Sand dunes
  • 20 metres from memorials
  • 20 metres from playgrounds, play equipment and public BBQ facilities and
  • 20 metres from any public change room, toilet or kiosk facilities.

Class sizes limited to a maximum of 18 persons per trainer.

The Licensee shall at times when directed relocate their activities to other areas of the beach, park or reserve so that their activities do not impact on Council activities or other approved activities or the public in general.

The Licensee shall ensure that the Personal Fitness Training Activities are conducted at all times upon the area in a manner which is not to the annoyance, nuisance or disturbance of other users of council facilities including other personal fitness trainers and near by residents. The Licensee shall be conscious of keeping noise levels to a minimum particularly early of a morning.

The Licensee shall ensure that the area and facilities used are left clean and tidy. Council may charge the Licensee for costs incurred for failure to comply with this requirement.

The Licensee and group involved in the fitness activities must not use picnic tables, seating, street furniture, fences, walls, shade shelters, trees or other structures as training aids, and must not damage any natural assets such as grassed areas, vegetation, trees/shrubs and the like.

The Licensee may provide appropriate equipment/fitness aids for fitness activities and such equipment shall be in good order and repair. Heavy equipment that may damage the environment in which it is used is not permitted.

The Licensee shall ensure that any amplified sound used shall be controlled not to exceed 5 decibels above normal background noise. All amplified sound to be directed towards the sea when using beaches and away from adjacent residents when using parks/reserves.

Council reserves the right to prohibit the use of the park/reserve in the event of heavy rain, in times of drought, or where damage is likely to be caused. It is the responsibility of the user to ascertain from Council the extent of such prohibition.

Application and Accreditation

The Licensee is required to fill a   2016/17 Personal Training Application Form (pdf) and return with the following documents:

  • A current Certificate of Currency noting Newcastle City Council as an 'interested party'
  • A current First Aid Certificate
  • A copy of accreditation as a fitness trainer with Fitness NSW and/or accreditation from VETAB providers such as TAFE and universities specific to the type of activity to be conducted.


Sports Liaison Officer (02) 4974 2812 or