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Infrastructure Advisory Committee - Expression of Interest

Infrastructure Advisory Committee - Expression of Interest

City of Newcastle is seeking Expressions of Interest from community members with relevant experience and qualifications to join our new Infrastructure Committee.

Read the information below and then complete the online or downloadable Application Form. The Application Guide provides general information on City of Newcastle’s (CN) Advisory Committees. Our Terms of Reference for each Committee should also be read, and applications should be tailored to meet the specific selection criteria for each Committee. 

Nominations for three other CN Advisory Committees are also being sought: You may apply to be a member of more than one Advisory Committee, but you can only serve on one Committee. You should have relevant experience for each Committee you apply for and address the selection criteria for each Committee.
A separate application form must be completed for each Advisory Committee. Applications must be received by 8am, on Tuesday 28 May 2019


To provide advice and guidance on the development of strategies, and identification of challenges and opportunities, in relation to built and natural facilities and systems within the local government area (LGA), including coastal revitalisation programs, environmental matters, transport, traffic and parking, cycleways delivery and floodplain management.


Advisory Committees are established under Part Q of CN’s Code of Meeting Practice to provide advice to the elected Council on matters of strategic significance, and to provide advice to CN on implementation of relevant matters aligned to the Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan. Advisory Committees may make recommendations to Council or a Committee of Council, but no functions are delegated to them by CN.


Membership to this Committee includes: 

  • Up to three Councillors
  • The Lord Mayor
  • Representatives from Stakeholder Organisations 
  • Up to three Community representatives.

The Lord Mayor may attend any Advisory Committee meeting as a voting member. Community representatives of CN Advisory Committees are not paid and serve on a voluntary basis. 

If more applications from suitable community representatives are received than positions, offers of membership will be made to the top applicant/s and the remainder placed on an eligibility list. 

Responsibility of Advisory Committee Members 

Committee members are expected to have the time needed to understand the Committee’s business papers and attend Committee meetings and provide advice and feedback on matters brought before the Committee. 

Committee members are required to follow applicable CN policies and procedures and must: 

  • Conduct themselves in accordance with CN’s Code of Conduct
  • Declare and manage Conflicts of Interest in accordance with CN’s Code of Conduct
  • Maintain confidentiality and not disclose confidential or private information
  • Not use information gained through membership of the Committee for a private benefit for themselves or any other person
  • Understand CN’s Media Policy and not speak to the media or members of the public on behalf of CN, the Advisory Committee or working party.  
CN has adopted Guidelines for Meeting Practice. These Guidelines provide additional detail on responsibility requirements.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held quarterly, on the first Tuesday of the month commencing at 5:30pm. Meetings will initially be held in City Hall, 290 King Street, Newcastle but may relocate to the new Council premises at 12 Stewart Avenue, Newcastle West in 2020.

Working Parties and Existing Standing Committees

Advisory Committees may create working parties to consider particular issues or undertake particular activities. You may be a member of a working party without being a member of an Advisory Committee.
A Standard Operating Procedure for Working Parties has been developed by CN.
The following existing Committees will continue until the day prior to the Council election in 2020:
  • Guraki Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  • Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee (to be renamed to the Access Inclusion Advisory Committee)
  • Youth Council. 
If you are currently a member of one of the above Committees, it is not necessary to re-apply or apply to be a member of an Advisory Committee.

Selection Criteria and Application Form

To be eligible for membership of an Advisory Committee, applicants must have demonstrated experience relative to the purpose of the committee and submit an application stating how they meet the selection criteria for the Committee.  

You may apply to be a member of more than one Advisory Committee, but you can only serve on one Committee. You should have relevant experience for each Committee you apply for and address the selection criteria for each Committee. 

A separate application form must be completed for each Advisory Committee. Please address the selection criteria below for the Infrastructure Advisory Committee.

Your details
Selection criteria
Professional experience in one or more of the following – civil engineering, infrastructure management, planning for integrated public and active transport services, environmental management or related fields.
Demonstrated interest and understanding of planning programs for improved community outcomes.
Experience in evaluating infrastructure management options to achieve triple bottom line outcomes.
Your application may include supporting documents such as a CV.
I declare that the information contained in my application is true and correct, and I understand that:
• Information in my application will be used to consider my application for membership, and may include disclosure of my information at an open meeting of Council; and
• If I am successful in my application, I will be required to provide to Council a signed Appointed Member Undertaking Form before my membership is confirmed, along with other relevant documentation.

Protecting your Privacy 
City of Newcastle (282 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2300) is committed to protecting your privacy. We take reasonable steps to comply with relevant legislation and our Privacy Management Plan.
Your personal information is collected in relation to your membership on a CN committee and is collected on a voluntary basis. Your information will be stored in our electronic database and will only be accessible by authorised staff. We may be required to release this information in accordance with its obligations under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW).
If you have any concerns about your information being published or you wish to check the accuracy of your information, please contact Legal on 4974 2118 or email governance@ncc.nsw.gov.au.

Terms of Reference


Advisory Committee EOI

Phone: 02 4974 2000
Email: CNadvisorycommittee@ncc.nsw.gov.au

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