FIFA World Cup: do you know these soccer terms?

06 Jul 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup quarter finals are here, so Macquarie Dictionary Online are taking a look at some soccer terms to help you better understand the finer points of the beautiful game.

First off, is it soccer or football? Well either really are fine. In Australia, football (or 'footy') can refer to a number of sports including Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby Union, Rugby League, and soccer. Currently, soccer still seems to be the preferred use in Australia, but the fact that the peak body in Australia -- known as the Football Federation of Australia -- has adopted the term football for the sport, we may see a shift in usage.

Here are some of the more interesting terms used to describe aspects of the game:

Scorpion Kick: a kick executed by leaning forward and bending one or both legs back over the body, using this manoeuvre to strike the ball with the foot or feet. This term comes from the resemblance of the shape of the body to that of the scorpion, the backwards bent leg forming the tail. If you haven't seen former Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita’s amazing scorpion save, do yourself a favour and watch it now.

Bicycle Kick: a kick made by jumping into the air and employing a shearing motion with the legs to effect contact with the ball.

Nutmeg: to pass or kick the ball between the legs of (a player on the opposing team) so as to pass it to another player or score a goal.

Jockeying: is a move where the defending player holds up the attacking player who has the ball, rather than going in for a tackle, with the idea being to force an error and then get the ball.

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