Mental Health Month: Share the Journey

01 Oct 2018

October is Mental Health Month in NSW, Victoria, and the ACT, and provides an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health. This year’s theme is 'Share the Journey', to encourage individuals and communities to connect with others and recognise how important this is for our mental health and wellbeing. Good social connections are important for our health and survival – they help us with our journey to better mental health and our ability to cope with life’s struggles. They not only improve our overall wellbeing, they also build our resilience.

Nearly half of all Australians (45%) will experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime, and those that don’t will most likely know someone that does. But there’s still a lot of stigma and confusion around the topic and that’s where learning and growing comes in.

The theme also encourages everyone to learn new and exciting things, as the very act of learning can have many positive outcomes on our mental health and wellbeing – no matter what you choose to learn about.

So Share the Journey: share a cuppa, share a stroll, share a hug, share a task, share a tune, share a meal, share a yarn or share a memory with those around you this October. For more information go to the WayAhead website or check out the Mental Health Month fact sheet.