2 - 8 September: Screen Time for Kids

02 Sep 2018

National eSmart Week is a week where communities come together to encourage smart, safe and responsible use of digital technology. It creates awareness, solutions and ideas about cyber safety, bullying and wellbeing online, and offline. National eSmart week will be held from 2-8 September, in line with National Child Protection Week.

This eSmart week we explore the ways in which our kids interact with screens, the ways we can manage this access, and how to control the content our kids are viewing. 

Be aware of the amount of time that your child spends looking at a screen. Screen time is not just the time your child spends on their  smartphone, it can include:

  • Watching Television or DVDs.
  • Online entertainment such as Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, YouTube, and Kanopy.
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation Four, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Origin.
  • Mobile and tablet devices which include online access to apps and texting.
  • Desktop computers and laptops.
If you feel that your child is spending too much time staring at a screen the links below detail ways in which you can work together to try and  better manage their time.

By understanding your child's screen time, you can become more aware of the content that they are accessing. You may find that some content is inappropriate for their age and maturity level.  If you are concerned about some of the apps or content that your child is regularly accessing, check out the links below to find ways to reduce their exposure to inappropriate content. 

The links below provide information on how to find ways to monitor and set content controls on your child's screen time:

National eSmart Week is an initiative developed by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, in partnership with the Telstra Foundation.