Peter Trist - Local Treasure

02 May 2018

Long time library volunteer Peter Trist was recently awarded a NSW Seniors Local Achievement Award by Tim Crakanthorp MP, State Member for Newcastle.

Since 2008, Peter has volunteered and assisted in many ways and is incredibly popular with staff and patrons alike. Following his involvement in activities to mark the International Year of Reading in 2012, Peter's performances were so popular he began a new program, Book Chat. Peter introduces library members and staff to literature, potboilers, plays, poetry and film. He appreciates all forms of artistic expression and his enjoyment in sharing his passion for reading with others is part of the magic Peter brings to Book Chat. This brilliant program continues to grow, with most attendees becoming regular 'Book Chatters', in no small part due to Peter's warmth, his acceptance and inclusion of all who attend, in addition to the quality of the material he presents.

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