February 5 is Safer Internet Day 2019

05 Feb 2019

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an annual, worldwide event will be held on Tuesday 5 February 2019 to help encourage a better internet.
This year's theme is 'Together for a better internet' which encourages individuals to create a better internet by developing four, critical skills. These skills the 4Rs: Respect, Responsibility, Reasoning and Resilience.
Respect: I treat myself and others the way I like to be treated.
Responsibility: I am accountable for my actions.
Reasoning: I question what is real and hat is not online and off.
Resilience: I get back up from tough situations.
This year you can interact with this event by thinking about what four R's mean to you and how you can incorporate them into your online experiences.

Want to know more about eSafety? check out our eSmart page for some excellent resources and information or visit the SID website.