eSmart Week: Games, Apps & Social Media

06 Sep 2018

National eSmart Week is a week where communities come together to encourage smart, safe and responsible use of digital technology. It creates awareness, solutions and ideas about cyber safety, bullying and wellbeing online, and offline. National eSmart week will be held from 2-8 September, in line with National Child Protection Week.

Are you aware of the apps, games, and social networks that your child accesses each day? Different apps and online networks require access to different types of information - you may find that one app requires payment information and another requires access to your device's webcam. By being aware of the different content your child is accessing, you can determine if it is appropriate for them, and safeguard their privacy and yours.
Click on the link below to find out more about individual apps, games, and social media networks. Information concerning who can access the sites, how to protect your information, monetary issues, and how to report cyberbullying and offensive material are also included.  
  National eSmart Week is an initiative developed by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, in partnership with the Telstra Foundation.