Journals & Newspapers

TRIAL: Access Australia & new Image Editions (for use in-library OR on our Wi-Fi network only) - Text and image-based access to over 580 Australian newspapers. This includes local papers such as The Newcastle Herald and The Newcastle Star and major titles, such as The Australian, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. Our trial subscription is available until Saturday 8 June 2019; please note this resource may not be available as part of our permanent collections. You can send us feedback about this resource by email or via our Facebook page. Need more information? See our How to use Access Australia & new Image Editions Guide

Academic Search Premier - Multidisciplinary database of more than 4,600 journals including full text for nearly 3,900 peer-reviewed titles.

Australia & New Zealand Reference Centre - Full text articles from Australian and international newspapers and periodicals, as well as images and videos. Strong Australian content including the Newcastle Herald.

General OneFile - A collection of news articles, magazines, books, academic journals, images and video that support general research and exploration.

GreenFILE - Scholarly and general interest titles, government documents and reports covering the relationship between humans and the environment.

MasterFILE Complete - Over 2,000 general interest publications. Also contains primary source documents and a large collection of photos, maps and flags.

Read newspapers and magazines from Australia and around the world. You can also view PressReader content in our libraries using the free WiFi. While visiting you can download single issues using the PressReader app.

Proquest ANZ Newstand - A selection of full text newspapers and newswires from Australia and New Zealand covering regional and international topics.

Proquest Research Library - A broad range of academic journals including education, humanities, multicultural issues, social sciences and more.