Are You Prepared for a Bush Fire

Preparing and rehearsing an emergency plan is essential to bush fire survival. Each family member should know their responsibilities if they are caught in a bush fire.

You can reduce the risk to your house with the following preventive measures:

  • Clean out gutters and clear dry vegetation, overhanging branches, rubbish and any flammable liquids from around the house
  • Seal open eaves and spaces under the house. Fit wire screens to windows, doors, vents and chimneys
  • Keep the lawn short and the grass healthy
  • Ensure that you have clear access to water
  • Check garden hoses and fire fighting equipment inside and outside the house are in good working order and that pump engines are fuelled ready to use.

If you are in a bush fire

  • Plug down pipes with plastic bags filled with sand, soil or a large wet sponge and tape them securely in place. Fill gutters with water to prevent spot fires igniting
  • Disconnect garden hoses and any plastic tap fittings and take them inside the house, along with doormats and any other flammable items. Start your auxiliary pump if you have one, connect it to your independent water supply and turn on sprinklers. Don’t forget that swimming pools can be used as a source of emergency water
  • If you have a swimming pool put a sign out the front of house displaying that additional water is available for the fire brigade
  • Turn off gas in the house.

Visit the  NSW Rural Fire Service  or  Fire & Rescue NSW  for more information