Citizenship Ceremony Form

Following receipt of your invitation to attend the Newcastle Citizenship Ceremony on Wednesday 4 September, please complete the following form.
NOTE:  All family members invited to receive citizenship are required to be included below.

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Please note a maximum of 2 guests per recipient is allowed - If you wish to bring more guests, please note the number and we will be in contact to confirm seating availability.
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  1. Children under 16 years (if included in your application) are not required to provide ID or be present at the ceremony; but are very welcome to attend.
  2. Please bring the invitation letter received from the Department of Home Affairs.
  3. Photo Identification (Australian Drivers Licence and/or a passport) must be presented on arrival at the registration desk.  If you do not have any form of photo identification, you must provide at least three (3) documents which confirm your name and address, and at least one form of identification MUST display your signature.  Examples - birth certificate, utility bill (gas, electricity, telephone, water), bank/building society statement, credit card, Medicare card. 
  4. Please arrive at 2.30pm to allow time to register and find your allocated seating.  The ceremony commences at 3.30pm sharp and you must be seated prior to the ceremony commencing. to receive your certificate.
  5. It is important that you remain in your allocated seating; do not move seats as your certificate is presented in your seating order.
  6. Only two guests per recipient is permitted (e.g. if you are a family of four receiving Citizenship then you may bring a total of eight guests)
Terms and Conditions
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