EasyPark our mobile app

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Getting started:

  1. Download the EasyPark app from the AppStore or Google play and make sure your Locations Services settings on your phone is switched ON.

  2. Set up your account by registering your details, preferences and payment details.

  3. Add vehicle registration details.

  4. Enter the area code which is available on the parking meter or if your location has been found, confirm your position and that the area code is correct.

  5. Spin the dial to set the required expiry time.

  6. Click Start Parking.

Please ensure that you record your registration details correctly.

If you have any questions or don't have a smart phone please call 1300 734 070 or visit the EasyPark website

EasyPark Guidelines

After you have parked access the EasyPark Application.
Use the app to purchase the desired amount of parking up to the amount of time stipulated on the signposting.
There is 2 parts to the parking signposting 

(Time) P means maximum time you can legally park in the parking zone. For example:

1P equals 1 hour of parking
2P equals 2 hours of parking
3P equals 3hours of parking
4P equals 4hours of parking
8P equals 8 hours of Parking
P equals Unlimited Parking

Ticket/Phone means a fee applies. There are (2) two ways parking can be purchased via the Easypark application or from the nearest ticket parking meter.

Do not leave your vehicle unattended without purchasing an Easypark session or a ticket from the meter. 

Lock Out Period (EasyPark Only)

After paying and parking for the maximum time stipulated on the parking sign posting there is a lock out period of 10 mins before you can renew your EasyPark session. This is to encourage drivers to move their vehicles after the maximum parking time has been reached to maximise parking turnover.
CN encourages drivers to only park for the maximum time shown on the parking signposting. Parking for longer than the time shown is breaching the parking rules and may result in a parking penalty notice being issued. 

15 min Free Parking

15min free is now only  available on the Easypark App for 1P and 2P ticket/phone parking zones.

Parking Fees

From 1 January 2019, the City of Newcastle reduced the hourly cost of on street parking by 25 per cent for users of its pay-by-phone EasyPark app.  The reduced rate will be available on a trial basis for the remainder of the 2019 calendar year.
The discount will automatically apply to the EasyPark app, which allows drivers to pay only for the time they use and remotely top up payments after receiving SMS notifications before their meter expires.
The discounted parking fees is in the lead up to introducing an Australian first where the EasyPark technology can guide drivers to vacant parking spaces.