Tailor Your Service

All rateable residential properties in Newcastle are provided with a 240-litre recycling bin, a 240-litre green waste bin and a 140-litre general waste bin as part of their standard entitlement.

Rateable commercial properties are provided with a 140-litre general waste bin. 

Because every household and business is unique and their waste requirements vary, we offer a range of additional waste services that you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Bin upsizes and additional bins

You can order a larger recycling or general waste bin, or request extra bins for any of our three kerbside services.

To help reduce waste sent to landfill,
additional recycling and green waste services are offered at lower prices than for general waste.

If your recycling bin usually fills up well before collection day or you have lots of extra garden waste, upgrading these services will both cut landfill waste and cost you less than changing your general waste arrangements. For example, y
our can swap your recycling bin for a larger one with 50% more space for just $25.75.

A summary of the options available are provided below. Please note that all pricing is for 2018/19 and is subject to annual change. 
2018/19 fee Standard size Bin upsize Additional bin
General Waste 140-litre 240-litre: $283.25 pa See Excess Services
Recycling 240-litre
360-litre: $25.75
(one-off delivery fee)
240-litre: $101.50 pa
360-litre: $121.80 pa
Green Waste 240-litre n/a 240-litre: $103 pa

Before changing your service, please choose carefully. A $66.95 cancellation fee may be applied if you cancel your service upgrade within a year of commencement.

Excess general waste services

City of Newcastle offers households and businesses the option to have your general waste bin/s serviced more frequently than the current schedule, at a cost. For example, this could be twice or more per week. 

A summary of the options available are provided below. Please note that all pricing is for 2018/19 and is subject to annual change. Before changing your service, please choose carefully. A $66.95 service fee may be applied to account cancellations.
Collection days Number of services
per week
140-litre bin 240-litre bin
Monday to Friday 1 to 4 $561.35 pa $692.15 pa
Monday to Friday 5 to 8 $542.80 pa $665.40 pa
Monday to Friday 9 and over $532.50 pa $652 pa
Saturday and Sunday 1 or more $630.35 pa $859 pa

We also offer commercial customers 660-litre and 1100-litre wheeled container general waste services at competitive rates. Please call 02 4974 2000 between 8am and 4pm weekdays, or email our Waste Services team to discuss your waste needs.