Fees & Payment

The actions you take when disposing of waste can help us to recover valuable resources for reuse or recycling into new products.

The fee structure at Summerhill has been designed to encourage materials separation. Unit pricing is also in place for problem wastes that are difficult and costly to process or handle.

You can minimise your waste disposal costs by separating recyclable and reusable materials before you arrive at Summerhill. The more you sort, the more you can save and help our environment.

The following fees and charges are for 2016/17 and include GST.  A minimum charge applies to all loads. Payments by credit card will attract a 0.75% (GST inclusive) surcharge.


Type of Waste

Charge per tonne Minimum Charge
General solid waste - mixed: Non-hazardous mixed waste: wood, paper, plastics, soils, organics, bricks, tiles and concrete.



General solid waste - special or difficult: Asbestos, contaminated, animals, offensive, clinical, difficult. Disposal rules apply. Phone 02 4985 6600 prior to delivery.

$375 $64
Clean asphalt: No coal tar. $96 $16

Clean concrete - non structural: No rebar - non-structural with minimal reinforcement. Max. size 500mm.

$61 $10

Clean concrete - structural: With rebar or significant reinforcement. Max. size 500mm.



Clean mixed bricks, tiles and concrete $152


Electrical waste (e-waste) - Commercial/non-residents: TVs, computers, printers/scanners, fans, phones, video recorders, DVD players, radios/stereos, power tools, kitchen appliances, vacuums and heaters. $203 n/a
Electrical waste (e-waste) - Newcastle households ONLY: Maximum 10 items per visit. FREE n/a
Garden waste - excluding stumps: 100% garden waste (e.g. lawn clippings, prunings, sticks, branches). Maximum branch diameter 100mm. No food. $129 $22

Mixed road base wastes: Sand, gravel, stones, concrete, minimal asphalt. 



Recyclables - mixed domestic: Dry, clean cardboard, paper, bottles, cans.



Recyclables - separated domestic: Dry, clean cardboard, paper, bottles, cans.



Scrap metal: Whitegoods (excluding fridges, freezers and air-conditioners), car parts, bikes, steel, aluminium.



Soil - Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM): Clean, uncontaminated soils. Disposal rules apply. Phone 02 4985 6600 prior to delivery. $183 $31
Wood: Clean, untreated wood.




Charges for the following problem wastes are per item and will be in addition to tonnage charge if included in a mixed load.

Problem Wastes

Charge per item
Batteries - Lead acid $10
Fridges/Freezers/Air-conditioners - Gassed $35
Fridges/Freezers/Air-Conditioners - De-gassed $16
Gas Bottles - Empty, no gas with valves removed $25
Mattresses - Single/Double $35
Mattresses - Queen/King $41
Tyres Small Medium Large
Off Rim $13 $18 $30
On Rim $22 $29 $35

Government waste levies

The NSW Government charges a levy of $135.70 per tonne for all waste disposed of at any licensed landfill site, including Summerhill Waste Management Centre.  Summerhill collects this levy within the fees and charges outlined above and passes the levy collection to the EPA.

Payment arrangements

Summerhill accepts cash, cheque (business cheques only), EFTPOS and credit card. Payments made by credit card will attract a 0.75% (GST incl.) surcharge. Payment by credit card over the phone is NOT accepted.

Customers with a regular minimum payment of $1,000 per month may be eligible to open an account (subject to satisfactory credit checks).

Additional charges will apply when waste requires special handling and management to ensure compliance with WHS legislation and environmental protection standards on-site are maintained.