Products for Sale

A range of landscaping products are periodically available for sale at Summerhill that have been produced from materials recovered on-site. Please phone ahead to confirm availability.

The following prices are for 2016/17 and include GST. A minimum charge applies to all loads. Payments by credit card will attract a 0.75% (GST inclusive) surcharge.

Product type (all grades and sizes are nominal)

Charge per tonne

Minimum charge

Crushed recycled aggregate 7-15mm $36.50 $21
Crushed recycled aggregate 15-25mm $36.00 $21
Crushed recycled aggregate 25-50mm $36.50 $21
Crushed recycled aggregate 50-100mm $31.00 $19
Crushed recycled road base 0-25mm $33.50 $20
Crushed recycling fines/sands 0-7mm $42.00 $24
Crushed sandstone $33.50 $20
Sandstone rocks - Various sizes $30.50 $18
Turf underlay/recovered fines $41.00 $23
Ungraded general fill - VENM  $14.00 $23