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Catering by Harvest and Soul Catering and Events

Newcastle Venues works with a range of highly experienced and professional caterers who deliver fresh, delicious menus and a variety of packages for you to choose from.

Blue Star Catering

Blue Star is the on-site caterer for Fort Scratchley and also one of the four caterers for Newcastle Museum. Blue Star has been generating high quality hospitality experiences within modern, innovative restaurants and for off-site venues like Fort Scratchley for over 20 years.

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Harvest and Soul Catering and Events

Harvest and Soul Catering and Events are the in-house caterers at Newcastle City Hall and one of the four caterers for Newcastle Museum. Harvest and Soul are committed to producing the highest quality cuisine created from locally sourced produce. With over 15 years of experience in the catering and events industries, they know how to deliver the highest quality food and support your event for success.

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Civic Digest

The Civic Digest is a cafe and catering service nestled next to the Civic Theatre in the heart of the Newcastle CBD. Civic Digest is one of the four caterers available for Newcastle Museum. They provide a range of catering menus, from breakfast and refreshment breaks to boardroom lunches and cocktail platters.

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Hot Rock Events and Catering

Launched in 2005, Hot Rock Catering is an established catering business located in Newcastle. They offer fresh and delicious menu options designed by professional chefs. Hot Rock is one of the four caterers available for Newcaslte Museum.

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Newcastle Venues

Do not hesitate to contact the Newcastle Venues team if you require advice or assistance with booking catering for your event.

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